Best Beauty Products of 2011

Hi everyone!!

Here are my top beauty favorites for 2011. I used these all year long and I will continue to use them i'm certain.

If you are looking for a great eye makeup remover try L'oreal in the green bottle, is almost that exact same formula as Lancome Bifacil. It is very gentle on the eyes, no stinging, you don't need to tug.. it just melts the eye makeup off so easy.

If you are looking for a great curling iron I would reccomend the Helen of Troy professional brand, gold plated. They have a heat setting dial which is always nice. I have the 1 inch and the 1 and 1 quarter inch for the loose curls. I have had mine going on 5 years with out any problems. Great brand!!

My favorite of Life lip pencil is the MAC L/E nude and insynch. Nude is really a nude, not a rosey flesh tone, I dislike when a company calls there nude a nude, when in fact it is a rosey color!!
Insynch is a peachy pink, more on the pink hue.. gorgeous color you can wear alone or with a lipgloss over the top.

Favorite lipgloss is by MAC: Fashion Fanatic, it's a perfect compliment to insynch lip pencil. it plumps the lips,filling in small lines. for an ultimate sexy pout.

Lancome moisturizer in Multivitamin with SPF 30 is a really hydrating daytime moisturizer, it really adds the moisture back into your skin and protects from free radicals and ultra violet rays, that can cause premature aging.

Olay night time moisturizer is a good alternative to the Lancome, for around $10.00 you can't go wrong. It really is a great deep moisturizer
That leaves your skin silky soft.

Looking for a new primer? Then try Stila prime pot, I did a seperate review on that Please read that article for more info on this. It is a fabulous eye primer.

Tarina Taratino glitter in sparklecity pure opal, is so finely milled you can use it on your eyes, lips as a highlighter, gorgeous glitter. I picked it up at Sephora.

My all time favorite mascara is the Lancome Hypnois Drama, and DiorShow,
My cheaper favorites is the Lorac special effects dual ended primer on one side and masacara on the other end. Great mascara, non- clumping.

Rimmel Day to Night Glam Eye's is my other favorite drug store brand. Again, it's dual ended one side is lengthing and other side is volume and it does both and it's under $9.00 !!

Shampoo and condtioner I've been loving is the Phyto Jojoba, its 100 % vegan and no sulphates. If you color your hair you do not want to use harsh shampoo's that contain sulphates, these will wash away your color.. It strips your hair of the color.

My favorite lipsticks of 2011 would be MAC'S Viva Glam in Lady Gaga 1 and 2.
One is a gorgeous pink and the second one is a beautiful nude color, compliments mac lip pencil in ' nude' perfect together.

My favorite brushes would have to be MAC once again. However, i'm loving the ' real techniques brushes by Pixiwoo. They are really soft and well made. I picked them up at Ulta. And they are priced to not hurt your wallet.

I reccomend the 'stippling brush' if you can not afford MACS 187 stippling brush, it's a decent alternative.

Please check the video for products. If you have any questions please leave them below and I will reply.

Stay Fashionable !!
XO Kelly Preston


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