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Monday, April 2, 2012

March Favorites - New Hair - Update and Info

March Beauty favorites:

1.) Tigi Bed head Dumb blonde shampoo
2.) Moroccan Oil pure $ 41.00 buy at Regis salon
3.)Nicole by O.P.I- up and kim-ing pink $ 8.00 at Ulta
4.)EOS lip Balm in Mint
5.)Smashbox eye liner brush # 21
6.)Studio Gear eye liner gel from Ulta
7.)Bobbi Brown cream eyeshadow in #10 Goldstone
8.)YSL Lipstick in #27 in Fuschia Innocent L/E $34.00 Nordstrom
9.) Givenchy Mascara $ 29.00 from Sephora
10.) Smashbox O-Glow for cheeks and lips

Thank you all :)
Kelly Arcidiacono

Monday, March 26, 2012

Obessed Magazine.Com Coming soon

Obsessed Magazine.Com

I am super excited to be sharing this with you !!

This will be a merger project and am really happy to be the founder – Creator of Obsessed Magazine.

The website is under constructions, however the facebook is up. I would greatly appreciate if you could like the page… But only if you truly do

Here is the link:

I hope to see you there as we will be updating daily on Beauty and Fashion and all things Obsession

Lots of Love,

Kelly Arcidiacono

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Givenchy Phenomen 'Eyes Mascara

Givenchy Phenomen’ Eyes Mascara: I stumbled across this by complete accident, and I am so

thankful that I did. It’s all in the WAND!!

This has moved up to my number one favorite mascara.. This will always be a staple item in my makeup bag. For a product to be a so- called ” staple” item in my bag, it has to live up to certain expectattions that I may have/

1.) deliver what it promises to do. In this case it says” High – Precision * Panoramic Mascara* Perfectly curled and seperated lashes. Delivers!

2.) I find that it gets in to the tiniest of areas, where you didn’t even think you had eyelashes. Winner!

3.) Great for doing the bottom lashes. The short wand is ideal for handling, and having full control and placement of the product. EQUALS PRECISION

4.) Last all day and through the night. It did not clump or transfer. Easily removable with your eye makeup remover. Color is highly pigmented. Bonus!!

This is the ONLY mascara that I have found to give me full dramatic, spider leg lashes That has been a trend all over the runways this fall and winter.

I am personally not a fan of false lashes. I included a few pictures of me wearing the product. My lashes are really long.. even the picture does not do it justice.

It is available at Sephora price is $ 29.50

Until next time, Be well and God bless

Xo Kelly Elle Prestin Xo

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Best Beauty Products of 2011

Hi everyone!!

Here are my top beauty favorites for 2011. I used these all year long and I will continue to use them i'm certain.

If you are looking for a great eye makeup remover try L'oreal in the green bottle, is almost that exact same formula as Lancome Bifacil. It is very gentle on the eyes, no stinging, you don't need to tug.. it just melts the eye makeup off so easy.

If you are looking for a great curling iron I would reccomend the Helen of Troy professional brand, gold plated. They have a heat setting dial which is always nice. I have the 1 inch and the 1 and 1 quarter inch for the loose curls. I have had mine going on 5 years with out any problems. Great brand!!

My favorite of Life lip pencil is the MAC L/E nude and insynch. Nude is really a nude, not a rosey flesh tone, I dislike when a company calls there nude a nude, when in fact it is a rosey color!!
Insynch is a peachy pink, more on the pink hue.. gorgeous color you can wear alone or with a lipgloss over the top.

Favorite lipgloss is by MAC: Fashion Fanatic, it's a perfect compliment to insynch lip pencil. it plumps the lips,filling in small lines. for an ultimate sexy pout.

Lancome moisturizer in Multivitamin with SPF 30 is a really hydrating daytime moisturizer, it really adds the moisture back into your skin and protects from free radicals and ultra violet rays, that can cause premature aging.

Olay night time moisturizer is a good alternative to the Lancome, for around $10.00 you can't go wrong. It really is a great deep moisturizer
That leaves your skin silky soft.

Looking for a new primer? Then try Stila prime pot, I did a seperate review on that Please read that article for more info on this. It is a fabulous eye primer.

Tarina Taratino glitter in sparklecity pure opal, is so finely milled you can use it on your eyes, lips as a highlighter, gorgeous glitter. I picked it up at Sephora.

My all time favorite mascara is the Lancome Hypnois Drama, and DiorShow,
My cheaper favorites is the Lorac special effects dual ended primer on one side and masacara on the other end. Great mascara, non- clumping.

Rimmel Day to Night Glam Eye's is my other favorite drug store brand. Again, it's dual ended one side is lengthing and other side is volume and it does both and it's under $9.00 !!

Shampoo and condtioner I've been loving is the Phyto Jojoba, its 100 % vegan and no sulphates. If you color your hair you do not want to use harsh shampoo's that contain sulphates, these will wash away your color.. It strips your hair of the color.

My favorite lipsticks of 2011 would be MAC'S Viva Glam in Lady Gaga 1 and 2.
One is a gorgeous pink and the second one is a beautiful nude color, compliments mac lip pencil in ' nude' perfect together.

My favorite brushes would have to be MAC once again. However, i'm loving the ' real techniques brushes by Pixiwoo. They are really soft and well made. I picked them up at Ulta. And they are priced to not hurt your wallet.

I reccomend the 'stippling brush' if you can not afford MACS 187 stippling brush, it's a decent alternative.

Please check the video for products. If you have any questions please leave them below and I will reply.

Stay Fashionable !!
XO Kelly Preston

Friday, January 6, 2012

Rave Review: Stila Prime Pot

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share with you a really great eye primer. If you are like me the hunt for the perfect base to your eyeshadow is an all time must have. We spend hours getting ready and having your eyeshadow crease or not well blended can be not only embarrassing but frustrating..

I have tried all most all the primers on the market and they are all pretty much the same.

We all have high hopes of the latest and greatest being released and being our H G primer

then comes the let down, it’s no different than the one in your drawer!

I seen this, and something kept saying “Try me I’m great!” So, I grabbed the very last one in color Taffy and walked to the counter and paid my $22.00 and went home. I really don’t have much patience in life, Yes, I know patience is virtue.. I was excited to try it. I decided I wanted a smokey eye since I was going out. From the moment I applied it, I could tell it was different. it was creamy and gave you enough time to blend it well. I applied to the brow bone, and even thought ” wow, this looks great with out eye shadow”

I applied my base coat and began layering my colors and blending.. I noticed right away the colors blended nicely to a fade, with minimal effort..

I was impressed!! however, still a little skeptical and all through the night I grabbed my compact to check if I had creasing. I went home and my eye shadow was still flawless.. I was sold, Thank you Stila for such a great product. I find it evens out your eyelids, makes a smooth canvas for your shadow application. If you are looking for a new primer give stila prime pot a try, you wont be disappointed!

Happy Friday everyone!!

XO Kelly Preston XO

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ruby slipper giveaway!

Winner will be announced very soon !! Please check video details
Happy Holidays :)

Hugs and kisses

Kelly Preston