Best Eye makeup remover 2nd to Lancome Bi Facil

Okay, I wanted to share with you if you didn't know about this eye makeup remover.
I have loved my Bi Facil eye make up remover, It's so pricey at 24 or 26.00 :( But, it works great!

I kept hearing reviews and thought " why not give it a try?" so, I went to my local rite aid and they were sold out and only had the " blue bottle' caution stay away from this one, I have heard bad reviews on it!! So, I was bummed out and decided to go to Ulta :O)

I found my new love!! Sitting there nicely on the shelf whispering to me... " Buy me I'm Fabulous"
Now, what helped me to get motivated to purchase this brand was.. In my rite aid paper, I see Loreal buy one get one 50 % off!! So, I love good deals!! I paid $ 6.99 for the 1st one and $ 3.49 for the second one!! OMG... what a savings. Even at $7.00 it sure beats $ 26.00 Now, savings don't mean anything, if the product is no good. However, Not in this case.. One swipe and all your waterprof mascara comes off. Leaves your eye area silky and soft.. I hear it makes your lashes grown too... I will have to wait and see on that :O) I hear that Loreal bought Lancome or they are both the same company.. so, maybe thats why The two products are the same :))

So, girls give it a try, if you're like me and paying huge amt to take off eye makeup.. You no longer have to. Use the extra savings to apply to something else you want :O) Remember Green bottle, not Blue.. as seen here in my picture.. must say cond lashes.

Happy Makeuping !!

XO'S Kelly XO'S


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