Boscia BB Cream at...

This is my very first B B Cream and I am loving it!!
It's all natural and comtains no harmful chemicals and no animal testing or ingredients.
Which is very important to me.

I find this to be very creamy and moisturizing even for my very dry skin. What I noticed at first was my skin tone was smooth out and very even toned. It looked as if I had perfect skin tone.

I wanted to try this out especially for the summer time. I find that tinted moisturizers don't gove me the coverage I want/need and foundation is to heavy and slides or melts off causing a seperation effect from the heat and sweating. I love to use mineral foundation. but, I think this is a lot faster.
I literally squeezed out a dollop onto my fingertips and blended it over my entire face. It took all of a min!!

I also, hate to order things online. I will but tend to procrastinate and when I heard this was at Sephora I was so thrilled to say the least!!

Here is the link to the B B Cream

It's a all around great beauty balm!! very pleased with my purchase.

Let's look beautiful one video at a time!! Until next time Be well



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