The Royal Wedding !

I did wake up early to watch this. Well, it is royalty after all !!

I thought Kate looked stunning , very elegant and classic. Her dress was timeless and the lace
was so beauiful. I was glad that it wasn't some huge dress that just made you feel like something out of a animated movie.. Kates look was more classic than modern. example : she reminded me of Jackie Kennedey back in 1953. To me it was elegant.

Now, I'm not quiet sure what was going on with all the strange hats?
It looked nothing short of ridiculous ! am I the only one who thinks this ?

Now my fashion Icon has been for the past 6 yrs is the one and only Victoria Beckham '
This woman style is nothing short than incredible.. she could look in good in a brown bag, let's face it. But, Iwas disappointed in her choice this time. Again, the HATS.. look for yourself.


love hats, But I'm just not feeling this one Victoria. Never the less I still lover her style.

I wish that Princess Diana could of been there to see her son wed on his special day. She was a real princess filled with such class and elegant woman indeed.

I wish the best for these two

XO Kelly


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