My project

I woke up one day and looked around my room and said to myself
' I'm tired of dark wood colors, it's not me !! my bedroom furiture is new
(2 yrs old ) But, when I bought it.. I could not find white anywhere; so I
settled !!

I painted everything white and trimmed in pink... After all pink is me !!

I even painted my Jewelry boxes... one white and one pink.. now my room
is me Girly, whimsical. It was a hard project and not something that can
be done over a weekend.. almost a month of day and night work..
But, in the end I say it was all worth it. Amazing what paint can do!!

I was unable to make my Youtube videos.. so, thank you all for understanding my absences.

I still have more to do.. but, nothing now that requires my full dedication

Thanks to all !!g

Kelly The Barbie


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