My Favorite Hot Chocolate mix:

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year, it's time for your new year's
resolutions to be put into affect :) Wheather it's to lose weight, stop smoking etc.

If you are like me and love hot coco then I think you will
be pleased with this brand.. 'Ghirardelli Double chocolate..

say to use 4 tblsp; However I use two and find it to be just right.

I purchased mine at Vons for $ 7.98 so, it's a bit pricey for the size
but, when I think of my daily starbucks I average $ 4.45 for my Ice coffee
and there hot chocolate is $ 3.00 and not as good..

I just wanted to share with you in case you loveee Hot coco ,especially now
in the cold weather we are having.. Stay warm and enjoy a nice hot cup of Ghirardellis Hot chocolate:) Also,they have in Chocolate Mocha flavor..
I'll be trying that flavor :)

Barbie Kisses**
Kelly The Barbie


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