Rain... Rain and More RAIN !!

Monday, December 20, 2010Rain... Rain and More RAIN !!
So, I say it never rains in California !!.... Well, it has been rainy non-stop for day's now..
streets flooded... I prefer to stay in doors and not attempt to go out .. But, sometimes, is not possible..
I recently did a haul video on YouTube.. I suggest wearing many layers of clothes and a scarf and fashionable rain boots... Now , I was never one to wear rubber boots... But, I must say ' That in the past 5 yrs rain boots have came a long way, as for the more fashion conscious person... All you Fashionistas out there :)

You can get Designer names now such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Burberry to the adorable Hello Kitty, such as my self... You may purchase these on sears .com for under $ 30.00 or in your local Sears store...

I was out a few weeks ago and the bottom of my pants were so wet and it was very uncomfortable to tolerate during dinner... I said to myself there must be a better way... While I was at Sears... I discovered Hello Kitty rain boots... And I must say These are very durable and water resistant and not very heavy and keep you dry while out in the elements...

Hope this gives you a second look at rubber rain boots.. :)
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